Special Events in September

Special Events in September

Check the North Clinton Event Schedule for more details on the highlighted events below and our regular weekly events.

September 14th, we're hosting a Yu-Gi-Oh! OTS Pack Event. The cost of the event is $7 per person. Every player entered will receive an OTS Pack with their entry fee. The number of rounds is based upon attendance. This is a YGO Advanced format event.

September 21st, we will be hosting the Dragon Ball Super Draft Box 4 Event. This event does have a cap of 16 players, so get here early! The entry fee is $25 per person. You will be randomly split up into groups and given a draft box for each group. The number of rounds and prizes are based upon attendance.

September 27th-28th, will consist of multiple Pre-release events for Magic the Gathering: Throne of Eldraine. The entry fee for each of these pre-realease events is $25 per person. Each player will receive a pre-release kit to construct their 40 card deck from. Each event will consist of 4 rounds and prizes are determined by each player's record. We will also be handing out Star City Creature Collection Playmats randomly during these events (while supplies last).

For these and future events, check out our calendar!