Special Events in October

Special Events in October

Check the North Clinton Event Schedule for more details on the highlighted events below and our regular weekly events.

October 12th, bring in a Yu-Gi-Oh Advanced format deck and battle for your chance to take home either a two player playmat or a field center marker. The winner of the tournament gets their choice of the two prizes and second place takes what's left. Entry fee is $20 per person for this event.

October 19th, we will be hosting the Dragon Ball Super Draft Box 4 Event. This event does have a cap of 16 players, so get here early! The entry fee is $25 per person. You will be randomly split up into groups and given a draft box for each group. The number of rounds and prizes are based upon attendance.

Also October 19th, be sure to come in for Yu-Gi-Oh! Chaos Impact Sneak Peak. There will be limited edition sneak peek playmats raffled off. The entry fee is $20 per person. Players get 5 packs and a promo card from the Chaos Impact set. You can then challenge anyone in the event to play with the new cards.

October 26th, come in for Yu-Gi-Oh! Chaos Impact Box Tournament. Entry fee is only $15 per person. Players should bring their best Advanced Format deck, the winner will receive a sealed Booster Box of Chaos Impact.

For these and future events, check out our calendar!